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Huge squadrons of mission hipster bike posses around Delores park yesterday.
pseudo-retro road bikes.
No hand brakes.
Small, dainty handle-bars.
Color coordinated wheels/rims/pedals.
pad along the top bar.
Clique-oriented cards thread into spokes.
Small Asics or other colorful sneaker.
Tight pants - the defining stylistic element.
Large belt-buckle.
No helmet.
Ambiguous sexuality.
Slightly disheveled, mod/mullet-esque hair.
Tight, vintage-store sweater.
Cartoony art.
Indie rock.
Pabst blue ribbon.

Kaser photos


photos from www.powersourcesurfboards.com

this is what i'm talking about

Not much surf this weekend.

They are all over down here in LA.

Posted by: Hb [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 10:51 AM

she's pretty hot! Big schnoz and small tits but I dig chicks with tattoos who can drink coors light.

Posted by: obro [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 10:58 AM

So whats the right way to put a surf board on a rack? Fins facing the back or front of the car? I always thought it was fins facing forward.....

Posted by: JohnnyUtah [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 11:01 AM

E- was it you who said this is the best summer yet? It figures right after you made that statement, we had 1 week of terrible surf out here.

Anyone score? I went down to SC for the hell of it one day. I am so glad i do not live down, there were tons of david hasselhoff wannabes. It was terrible how it had a southern cal vibe to it.

Posted by: toooshy [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 11:03 AM

damn, cool photos today! Hipsters are every where!!! I'll definitely see a lot of 'em tomorrow night. I'm going to see The Shins and Belle & Sebastian in L.A. One of my most favorite cities in the world!!


Posted by: ian [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 01:57 PM

is it me, or does that gun tat seem wrong on the pencil neck? i do like the leather flower belt though.

Posted by: 3to5setsof7 [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 03:59 PM

what up with no comments? slow day at work over here - someone say something stupid. or I will.

and censor the picture of that guy - I'm puking in my mouth every time I log on to this page.

boards on top of cars suck, just get a station wagon. I'm no aerodynamics phd but I bet a board is more aerodynamic facing nose-first but it looks lame. I put the tail up front. kinda like holding your board wax-towards-the-body. just looks lame but what do I know?

I'm looking for a 7' 6" board for next season. What kind of dimensions do people have? I've never ridden anything that long before (besides a 9' longboard) and I don't really like the look of the narrower semi-guns I've seen. look like little matchsticks. I've been riding a wider board (20") as of late and love it - don't really see any drawbacks and I love the feeling of knowing I have a table to drop onto on steep/blind take-offs. I think the increased width is a good way of getting a lot of paddeling volume without the added chunkyness you get with increased thickness. I think my ideal would be something wide in the chest tapering down to a nice narrow rounded pin in the back - haven't really seen anything like this though. I mean, if I need a 7' 6" I'm not going to be doing any rail-to-rail surfing, I need speed and a little added stability - why the narrow guns?


Posted by: obro [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 04:06 PM

Long flight back to the Upper East Coast.
Trees and trees as the night fades.
Pre-dawn new morning crossing the border.
Ferry to the island questing for all her riches.
Bumpy jeep ride to outer east of the islet.
Eyes bug out of your head as it appears.
Sweet hollow peeling perfection reeling.
Paddle out eye the horizona as you take it all in.
Hit the razor edge lip and hide in the liquid cloak.
You are scoring.

Posted by: Bernie Spear [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 04:49 PM

Wow Bernie, that's rocks....the mystic NE playground scored by so few and in July no less...cool pic Ian hehe, enjoy the land o' iniquity....anybody score weird chop nuggetness anywhere's?

Posted by: andrewm [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 05:06 PM

Hey obro, you're describing a retro board. Late 70's early 80's. I used to ride boards like that. The newer designs work better IMHO. The narrower guns may help getting down the face with offshores blowing hard, and they actually help control speed rather than generate it. You can get a semi shape in the 19.5" to 20" range. The semi is less of a rail-to-rail board and more of a carver on steep faces when your moving fast. Wider boards tend to spin out. I'm assuming your talking about fast moving overhead ground swells like we get in Oct--Jan. But for mushier waves, wider is better.

Posted by: Dennis [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 05:51 PM

Mr. Dennis, thanks for the response. Guess I’m caught up in the whole 70s throwback thing , I just hadn’t realize it yet. Anyway, everything you said makes sense and you probably saved me from getting some funky piece of shit made. Or at least got me thinking. I’ve just been looking at these semi-guns and they look so stiff and lifeless – no curves to help you through the turns, no wide surfaces to relax upon – just a long, slender slice of foam. But I guess I shouldn’t second-guess decades of evolution. And I’m also realizing that maybe summer isn’t the best time to look for a winter board. How quickly I’ve forgotten the fuck-I’m-going-too-fast-bottom-turn-race-to-the-shoulder-and-outrun-the-lip routine. These days I’m so hell-bent on squeezing every last drop of energy from the mushburgers and faint souths, that I’ve forgotten what its like to want LESS energy from a wave.

Posted by: obro [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 5, 2006 10:29 PM
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