July 31, 2002
pics from sloat july 30

ob glass

ob glass

ob glass

Posted by Ethan at 10:50 PM
small with a few sections

a little more wind this morning than yesterday morning (out of the SW).. I checked the whole beach at around 6:20 and ended up surfing at VFWs.. shoulder high waves sporatically cruising in.. a few little meaty sections presented themselves.. I caught one nice long right and saw a few other surfers catch some long rights... it looks like the waves are from the south swell (Hurricane Elida??) as they were definitely coming in in sets, about every 5 minutes or so.. rather than the constant barrage of a shorter-period windswell..

we're also supposed to get two, back-to-back SW groundswells from the Southern Hemi.. soo.. they should cruise into the Bay Area (tomorrow and friday) much more readily than the two steeper South swells that were just in the water (Tropical Depressions Elida and Douglas).. which were more hurricane-type swells from down around mexico/central america... swell is supposed to drop for the weekend.. soo. MW... you might be psyched on that.. though.. it's not at all punishing right now..

The Lerminator has been sick lately.. he needs to stay home from work and get better so that he can get back into the water!!

also.. trippe! fecalface.com looks super tight.. everybody should check that site out if you haven't already..

peace - e

also.. this is slightly disheartening..

"San Pedro Creek at Pacifica State Beach in the Linda Mar section of Pacifica is permanently posted due to elevated concentrations of indicator bacteria."

i found it on.. San Mateo Water Quality

Posted by Ethan at 09:25 AM
July 30, 2002
small glassy and fun

a good surf morning today.. not a trace of wind.. uber-glassy shoulder-high little waves cruising in.. breaking in shallow water at second-lot-sloat.. where i surfed from 6:15 till almost 8.. I probably caught almost 30 waves this morning.. seriously.. many just little nothing waves, but a few that were chunky and fun.. I got a little barrel today too on my frontside! It was this double-up wave that i barely made the drop on, then immediately caught a brief glimpse of the lip careening over my head.. then i was out.. kind-of a mouth-of-the-barrel type barrel.. really fun waves today to attemp maneuvers and floaters and off-the-tops.. just perfect little mini-sections that sped along and were steep enough to get some speed and smack some turns down.. It got real crowded as my session wore on.. from 6:15 till 6:45 i was solo.. but when i got out of the water there were probably 25 guys from sloat to 2nd lot sloat.. i also saw an otter as i pulled up at dawn..

anyhoo.. if you're sitting at home right now.. go get some before the wind picks up..

i also have pictures that i'll post when i get home from work.. i didn't have time to deal this morning..


Posted by Ethan at 09:44 AM
July 29, 2002
looks ok

grr... i slept through my alarm this morning... but conditions at OB look pretty good right now.. the wind is a very modest 6mph out of the SW.. the swell is 6ft 13sec.. probably about shoulder high at OB.. i'm really bummed.. it looks good out there.. geez.. hopefully tomorrow morning will repeat..

I surfed Sloat yesterday afternoon and it was dumpy and basically shitty with a few scattered nice sections.. go get some right now if you're at home..

also.. it looks like a mild El Nino will be rearing its head this fall
el nino

also.. nice work getting good lindy on saturday afternoon trippe! i missed that shit but can imagine what it was like based on rockaway sunday morning..

Posted by Ethan at 08:48 AM
July 28, 2002
pretty sweet

OB not handling the S wind very well today.. chunky and disorganized.. Rockaway was/is going pretty well. I didn't even check Lindy.. South end of Rockaway enjoyed a definitive peak with guaranteed right and walled left, sometimes closing, sometimes not.. but the waves weren't breaking super hard.. so i ended up poaching on the inside, trying to grab as many scraps and inside jaunts as possible.. often the waves would steepen up for an end section on the inside.. Crowd pushing 25 people.. too crowded.. but.. the south wind was feeling very offshore out there.. grooming and feathering a bit.. I caught a few nice ones.. nothing worthy of serious reflection or documentation..

anyhoo.. i think i might head down there again in the arvo.. big high tide at around 4.. wind is due south right now at 14mph.. hmmm

Posted by Ethan at 01:32 PM
July 26, 2002
depressingly bad

It's not so much the abysmal conditions this morning that depressed me.. it's more the fact that people in So. Cal and even Santa Cruz got and are currently getting solid waves this morning.. A classic summer south swell is in the water but we're shadowed here in the Bay Area.. Conditions are windy (WSW) and crumbly and mini and ugly.. I even went down to check Rockaway... just in case.. and the south side was doing all-right in terms of wind direction (side/offshore) but there simply was no swell at all.. Maybe tomorrow there will be a little more West in the groundswell and it will sneak its way into OB.. I've even heard that on Big South and SouthWest Groundswells Fort Point can curve and peel nicely.. hmmm..

anyway.. here's a wintertime pic for all y'all..

Posted by Ethan at 09:10 AM
July 25, 2002
windy AND small

yup.. not really a surf morning out there.. i saw a few guys down at Sloat getting little scrappy nothings.. the wind was blowing at about 10mph out of the WSW.. the waves were super-mini.. But the sun was/is out.. if you're really jonesin' you could probably find a section or two..

it looks like Mick Fanning won the WCT contest at JBay.. They call him the Albino Monkey..

check this report for So. Cal/Mexico that i culled from surfermag.com forums..

Holm slice,
Man you are a freakin stoked dude.
I just looked at the dilly and I am ready to bail on my daughters 1st birthday party this weekend and head out there. (just kidding) . Seriously, there is storm number one in the window now. Storm #2 that I told you about is looking good and should generate even better surf than storm #1.

So Pac has been heating up too. (figures that I missed it in Mex). There is solid storm activity going now and that swell should arrive around the 30th from the SW w/ 5-7 foot backs at 16 seconds. Before that swell hits, storm #2 should be kicking some ass of its own sending in a SE/S swell lighting up spots with those exposures like C*&*&*%, trestles, and malibu starting late on the 27th and building further into the 5-7 foot plus range on the 28th and peaking 5-7+ on the 29th. 30th sees the hurricane swell fade but no worries as it will still be 4-6 from the south when your Southwester hits at 5-7. 31st and first see the hurricane swell fade into oblivion but the SW hangs tough in the 5-7 going 4-6 foot zone for a couple of days. Latter part of your trip may fade off more but I do not see it going small or flat or anything. Next pulse from the SW is looking like the 6th but smaller than the one before.

Posted by Ethan at 08:55 AM
July 24, 2002
glassy, small but fun

what's up peoples.. sorry for the late report.. it has been a hectic morning.. Super foggy this morning at 7 when i first checked VFWs.. but i walked down to the water's edge and saw some waist/shoulder high peelers and decided to give it a go.. It was real small but every once in a while a peak would cruise in and grind along the shallow inside.. I met the legendary Tom Haan out in the lineup and also met one most ripping surfer-girls in the bay area.. Check her out.. http://www.surfpulse.com/di.shtml..

Posted by Ethan at 10:39 AM
July 22, 2002
small and crappy

what's up boyz.. not much going on out there this morning.. We (Jerm, Gora and I) surfed Noriega from 7am till 8.. the wind was already blowing out of the SW.. the sea-surface wasn't ripped up or anything.. but was bumpy and kinda sloppy.. the 3ft 9sec windswell provided barely enough umph for some rides.. there were some sections available.. but.. nothing really sweet.. there is a 9ft 14sec swell showing at the Christmas Island buoy, which is in the south pacific.. soo... maybe we'll see some south in the water in a few days??

I also witnessed this huge sea-lion thrashing around in the water real close to me.. it freaked me out, as it looked to either be feeding.... or.. feeded on!.. fark! i got the fuck out of there..

Posted by Ethan at 09:39 AM
July 20, 2002
pretty fun

surfed rockaway today from around 11:30 till almost 2.. wind blowing out of the south.. kind-of side/offshore at the southern end of Rockaway.. Lindy working too but close to 200 people in the water.. about 10 scattered throughout the amiguious peak at Rockajay.. Beach-break A-frames cruising in and peeling nicely.. sometimes mushing out but other times steepening up and almost barrelling.. i caught many solid rides and experienced one of the most resounding off-the-top/lip explosions i've ever felt.. I basically snaked my way onto this steep/slightly pitching wave.. garnered a ball of speed from the drop.. pivoted through a bottom turn/horizontal pump.. then turned toward vertical and collided with the crashing lip.. i could feel the energy push through my legs as the wave completely changed my direction, forcefully turning me back toward the beach.. i kind-of wormed my way into a standing position in the white-water and was stoked.. Rockaway was going.. and Lindy was going last (friday) night as the sun set.

Posted by Ethan at 05:39 PM
July 19, 2002
kinda gnarly

Jerm and I surfed between Sloat and 2nd lot sloat this morning.. the wind was already blowing out of the SSW at 6:30am... the sea surface was rough and tumbly... however.. it looks like there is a considerably meatier windswell in the water now. big, head-high, sucky, disorganized waves were basically unloading on a shallow sandbar where we were surfing.. Brilliant, barrelly sections could be seen here and there but were classically difficult to catch.. We each got a few rides.. nothing special for me.. though i think that Jerm nabbed a few nice ones.. I took many many waves on the head, and actually got pinned down to the bottom on this one wave.. that sucked. Not really great out there.. but at least exciting!

Posted by Ethan at 09:30 AM
July 18, 2002

another dismal, miserable-looking day out there at OB.. i checked it around 6:30am and found nothing but knee-high, disorganized chop.. the funny thing is that i was actually semi-tempted to go out.. I saw a few *almost* enjoyable section... and probably would have been rewarded with a drop or two and maybe even a top turn.. but.. it was just really nasty..

Posted by Ethan at 09:08 AM
July 17, 2002
windy crap

the wind and fog continue around these parts.. although i can't claim to have actually gone down to the beach today.. who knows.. i may have been surprised. The wind was blowing at around 10mph out of the south all day.. and the cams looked nast..

Posted by Ethan at 08:32 PM
July 02, 2002
Long Time No Surf Report

Hey everyone.. long time no surf report.. I've been busy with some other things of late. BUT.. the surf continues. This morning at Sloat witnessed some seriously fun little waves. glassy and semi-steep, breaking in relatively shallow water on the inside.. just a wee little 6ft 7sec wind swell.. fun rides were had.. It looks like tomorrow morning will be a bit larger.. with hopefully little wind again. I probably *should* go to work early and get some shit done but it will be difficult to deny the impulse to dawn patrol.

Posted by Ethan at 06:20 PM